Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue100% of your donation goes towards the rescue & medical care of needy dogs.
Image: Courtesy of New Rattitude, Inc. Rat Terrier Rescue

Courtesy Listings

These Rat Terriers are being offered for adoption through other rescue groups. Their bio information is provided by the other group, so New Rattitude cannot vouch for any of the details. Please contact the other group directly if you're interested in giving a home to any of these dogs.


If you're looking for a Rat Terrier but can't find the perfect match on New Rattitude's Adoptable Rat Terriers page
or any of the courtesy listings above, please check out the dogs being fostered by our Rat Terrier rescue colleagues:

Rat Terrier ResQ - national Rat Terrier rescue group
Rat Terrier Rescue Canada - Canadian Rat Terrier rescue located in Ontario