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The Rat Terrier is an American breed that originated from a mixture of crosses by early immigrants of this country using old time Fox Terriers and other European Terriers common in the 19th century; Click for more about Rat Terriers

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More than 50 million puppies are born each year in puppy mills. Why is this bad? Read here for more information.
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New Rattitude regularly takes in dogs with special medical needs. Please visit our Canine Clinic to learn more about these sweet dogs who need special care...and how you can help if you choose.
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Mature Ratties make some of the very best pets! Want to learn more? Check out our Adopt A Senior information page. Ready to look at the ratties? Please visit our Senior Rattie Album
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What happens to the dogs once they are adopted? View their stories, as told by their new families here
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New Rattitude's 2014 Annual Report is available to view online. A PDF version (you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed) is available for download. Download 2014 Annual Report

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Foster Home: Sugar Hill, Georgia

A Rat Terrier available for adoption from New Rattitude.

Handsome Barnabus came to rescue with his siblings, who have all been adopted. In his former life, he was the family protector -- even though he weighs only 7 lbs. -- as he had discovered that making loud, fierce sounds could often make scary people go away. It has taken him some time to learn that it's no longer necessary to use this tactic, and that people are generally wonderful, but he does revert to barking when meeting someone new. In foster care he has had a lot of exposure to company, and after several visits he does warm up to new folks, although he hasn't yet completely given up the habit of softly nipping ankles when he is excited. (So he is not a candidate for a home with young children.) Barnabus is just turning 3 years old and has been a star student with his professional training. His trainer said he is a really hard worker who loves to learn. As he has learned new things, he has become less fearful of things that threatened him in the past, and he now truly enjoys life. He will usually come when called, although he is such a devoted hunter that if he is "on duty" (patiently waiting to ensure the yard is clear of any intruding wildlife), it may take shaking the treat cannister to get his attention. He loves food, so that makes him immediately come barreling to you. When not hunting, Barney is usually found cuddled up in a warm blanket on the back of the couch. He is housetrained and never pees in the house, but may poop indoors if you miss his signals requesting to be let outside. He does fine with the three other mature dogs in his foster home, but when new puppies visit, he is not very welcoming. He is possessive of toys and may growl if visiting pups intrude in his space. Barnabus does still have some residual fear issues but if play can be introduced, that sometimes helps him move past the fear. He has not however, gotten over his fear of being leashed, so he REQUIRES A FENCED YARD. Barney will need a patient, loving family that doesn't mind taking the time he needs to warm up and fall in love. The feeling will certainly be mutual, as he is sweetness, cuteness and a lot of fun! CLICK HERE to see lots more photos of him. And please submit an Adoption Application for him!


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Come one, come all! Ratties and their humans are invited to the 10th Annual Rat Terrier Jamboree in Sweetwater, Tennessee, April 24 and 25! Visit our Jamboree page for details.


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Have you ever considered fostering a Rat Terrier? Wonder how New Rattitude supports our foster homes and makes it easy? CLICK HERE to learn how easy it can be and get your questions answered.


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